Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Training on Banana Fibre Crafts for Rural Women groups......

The Training on Banana fibre crafts was given for women Groups in and around coimbatore ,the eligible candidates was identified by women studies department ,Krishnammal college for women in Coimbatore.50 women were selected from various Self Help Groups and the training was given on
Extracting Banana fibre from the trunk of theBananaTree.Combing,Boiling,Colouring,Twisting,Thread Making,various types of Articles like Mats,coasters,floor mats,door mats ,bags making etc.This particular training Programme will be useful for the trainees who can earn money through making of Banana fibre crafts which has huge potential and demand in domestic and overseas markets.The Programme was done by Ecogreenunit & Krishnammal College for Women at Coimbatore.

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