Friday, July 13, 2012

Organic Roof Top/Back yard Gardening

Yes……..its a concept of Agriculture in a Package model, Specially designed for Urban Sector. The Technology is developed by ECOGREENUNIT-TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY,COIMBATORE.

Packaging Agriculture:
Is nothing but sowing traditional seeds and   growing of organic vegetables/fruits/cereals/green leaves by without soil in multi culture system.
Methods of Cultivation:
                              The Vegetables like Tomato/Brinjal/ladies finger/Beet root/Cauli flower/Onion/Bumpkin/Carrots and all  kinds of vegetables  will be grown in specialized grow bags which contains Coirpith ,Vermicompost and specialized grow media developed by ECOGREENUNIT -TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY.
Who Can Go For Packaged Agriculture System?
 Every body can go for this concept , Provided a little space in their home may be in roof top or in back yards and to spend a half an hour time that’s it….
What kind of Technology will be provided?
We provide Training/Technology/Traditional Seeds/Plants/Grow Bags/Herbal Pesticides etc.
Benefits of Package Agriculture                   
Traditional seed varieties Vegetables and fruits are grown in organic methods.
Gives Healthy Vegetables/healthy Life for the whole family.

Get Ready…………………………………………………


Prem Dev Prasad said...

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krishan mohna Yadav said...

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krishan mohna Yadav said...

Dear sir,

please provide me roof top agriculture details

krishan mohan 09871389222

krishan mohna Yadav said...

Dear sir,

please provide me roof top agriculture details

krishan mohan 09871389222

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