Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Training in Minor Millets.....

 Minor millets ..............It has been forgotten by us and our next generation.Cultivation area of minor millets [Navadanya]has been decreased and the dishes from minor millets is almost vanishing.......In this scenario Agricultural universities and AgriCultural Departments,NGOs ,Environmentalists  are taking mass efforts to create awareness on minor millets and food stuffs prepared from minor millets and its benefits among the people.In this Scenario EcoGreenUnit has taken a step to promote minor millets .Particularly our hosur unit has taken a initiative to give training in above mentioned area.......The training is given by our Hosur Unit Project Officer and the machinery used for processing minor millets

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sathyamoorthy.u said...

Very interesting and very relevant.
What I have to do if I wish to undergo this training course at Hosur on Minor Millets. If there is a website kindly send me the link. Thanking you.