Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Training for srilankan refugee women in Banana fibre crafts

The training programme on Banana fibre craft making was done for sri lanka refugee women in Aliyar refugee camp.Pollachi.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Products made out of lantana camera

The training programme lantana camera crafts was given to triabal familes in western ghats of south india.Lantana camera is an invasive weed whichcovers 40%of the forests in asia and in africa.this particular weed is been converted as furnitures and crafts .We provide training and technology in this particular concept which will be an income generation and sustainable lively hood for the traibal and down trodden people in third world COUNTRIES.

Awareness programme on eco friendly projects @Kunnapatti .Thurayur

yes its an awarness programme on Areca leaf plates making,Banana fibre extraction,Banana fibre crafts making,Coir Pots Making for rural women groups in Kunnapatti village on 07th July 2024.Near about 60 women attended this training programme and gained the knowledge in eco friendly projects.