Friday, June 24, 2022

Entrepreneurs from Megalaya

 A team of youth Entrepreneurs visited our unit and got trained in Areca Leaf Plates Making Training and Banana fibre extraction training ,They will be stepping into above mentioned Projects and will provide employment for 50 women groups in Megalaya as a lively hood activity through wealth out of waste concepts.


Sisal fibre extraction and development

 Yes it was a long journey for the past 10 years in Sisal fibre sector,Especially we developed a natural fibre extractor which extracts Banana fibre,sisal fibre,Pinapple fibre,Particularly this sisal fibre is blended in tex tiles ,Near about 300 women are involved in Sisal fibre extraction in South India.The training technical Know and marketing linkages is  done by EcoGreenUnit. 

paper carry bag making by Rural women in South India

 A sustainable income through paper bag making.its a income generation activity for rural women in India 



Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Successful women entrepreneurs in Areca Leaf Plates Making


its a Big challenge for them.they crossed the major pandemic lock downs and the still survive by Areca Leaf Plates Making project,they have been used to challenges and hurdles.but they crossed over.. and... stepped into sustainable Level .....

A successful women entrepreneur in Banana fibre project in Rural Karnataka

 She started and she succeeded  in Banana fibre project in rural Karnataka were she provides employment for 15 women in Agri waste which is converted as value added products 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

a new innovation

 Yes its a great achievement done by our Team...Yes its all about eco friendly products made out of Banana fibre, Areca Leaf wastage ,rice husks and  all crop wastage.This is Re Cycle,Reduce and Reuse concepts