Monday, February 26, 2024

A New start up Areca leaf plates making unit in laos in feb 2024


A new startup  Areca leaf plates making unit is been established in Laos,were the raw material areca leaves are available in  plenty.This particular unit will be manufacturing cum training centre for rural women folk in Laos were they can get trained and start their own unit and move towards sustainable concepts 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Training on Banana fibre extraction in Egypt

 A training centre for Banana Banana fibre extraction and handi crafts is been started in the out skirts of Cairo ,Especially for women Entrepreneurs in Rural Egypt. 

Paper sheets is been made out areca leaves in Thailand


The paper boards from Areca leaf wastage

Areca leaf wastage

Areca leaf wastage process

Painting in Areca Leaf 

Paper sheets

Areca leaf wastage conversion into paper making technology is been introduced in Thailand.its a new innovation done by ecogreenunit  

Training on Banana fibre extraction for women in Rwanda ,East africa.

Yes its a wealth out of waste concept,especially in Banana fibre sector for the rural women folks is been started in rwanda,its a sustainable income source for the rural women folk in rwanda,.

Training for women entrenurs in Upper assam for Banana fibre craftsin the month of feb 2024


an intensive training programme on Banana fibre crafts is been given to rural women in upper assam. its a wealth out of waste concept and sustainable lively hood activity which will create a  Rural employment in Assam ,

a farmer from uganda on 15th Feb 2024


Bee Keeping training

vettiver pipe cultivation methods practice 

Banana fibre extraction 

Areca Leaf plates making training 
              Charles an organic , bamboo cultivation farmer and  social entrepreneur from uganda visited                           our unit and got trained in above mentioned projects .

Monday, February 12, 2024




Monday, February 5, 2024

Awarness programme on eco friendly products @NGP College ,Coimbatore



Bamboo craft training for women @ coimbatore


it was a 2day awarness programme on Bamboo Craft making for women @ selvapuram.Coimbatore 

Training on coir mat weaving project for rural women in Manaparai region TN.


Yes it was atraining programme for women entrepreneurs in Coir mat weaving in manaparati region of tn.Near about 50+Benificiares participated and gained  the training in Coir mat weaving sector. 

Stall exposure for Areca Leaf Plates in Thailand on jan 28th 2024


Our entrepreneurs who are into areca leaf plates manufacturing sector in thailand exhibited their  products in an organic festival conducted by local administration authorities in bangkok. Near about 1500 people gained the knowledge about Areca Leaf products in thailand. 

Training programme for farmers in Banana fibre crafts making in tanjavore tn.on 28th Jan 2024

 Banana is main crop in delta region of tamil nadu,there we conducted a training programme for Banana fibre extraction and banana fibre crafts.This particular project provides  an extra income for the farmers and a sustainable income for women entrepreneurs.This particular concept is focused on wealth out of waste.

Training on Banana fibre extraction for farmers in Jorhat assam on 20th Jan 2024


Award from Start up payanam on 13th Jan 2024


Training on Banana fibre project for women entrepreneurs in NRCB on 12th Jan 2024


NRCB a Government of India body which promotes Banana cultivation and  Banana value added projects for the people .There i was invited to give an awareness exposure on Banana fibre project and the current scenario of the project for the women entrepreneurs in and around TN.Near about 60 women entrepreneurs participated and gained the knowledge in Banana fibre sector. 

Training on Areca Leaf Plates Making for College Students In Thailand


Awareness speech on Agro Based and eco friendly projects @JKKN Institutions Bhavani,Komarapalayam,


A breif explanation ,current trends,market scenario about eco friendly project sis been given as a speech for the college students 11th Jan 2024 

stall exposure for eco friendly products in palladam on 7th jan 2024


Yes its an organic festival and a stall exposure for Areca leaf plates,Banana fibre products,coir pots and cow dung pots.Near about 400 people visited our stall and gained the knowledge in Eco Friendly products. 

Areca Leaf Plates making in Thailand 2024


its a small areca leaf plates making unit established by Peter&Laura in thailand on the new year eve 2024  under the technical support of ECOGREENUNIT,Coimbatore.Yes they will supply the products all over thailand and also provide training to the rural women folk in thailand in above mentioned projects. 

Internship students from coir board government of india on 1st jan 2024


Yes its an training and awareness programme for internship students on Coir garden articles making sector .Near about 15 students participated and gained the knowledge about coir garden articles making.