Monday, January 25, 2021

Bio Degradable plates made out of Papaya Peel

 The Bio Degradable Plates made out of Wasted Papaya peel ,Its a New Innovation which is been developed by our R&D Wing. Soon the various Designs and sizes will be released. Soon this Technology will be promoted among ,farmers, women groups& Small Entrepreneurs

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Suresh Gopi


Yes its A Project Implement Discussion with Shri Suresh Gopi.RajyaSabha MP@Thiruvananathapuram .Kerala.Banana fibre Extraction Project will be implemented in His adopted village which will provide a employment for 250 people in this Sustainable venture

Banana fibre Extraction Unit@ Kanyakumarai

Yes..its our Banana fibre Extraction Training unit @ Marthandam,Kanyakumari District. எமது வாழை நார் உற்பத்தி பயிற்சி நிலையம், மார்த்தான்டம். கன்யாகுமரி மாவட்டம்