Thursday, February 24, 2022

Training for Tribal women in Banana fibre project @Tripura

 Yes there was a Training programme for Tribal women groups at Kumar Ghat Tripura were the junglee Bananas are grown, There in Tribal Hamlets we have done a Training programme for Banana fibre extraction, Banana  fibre mat weaving, Banana fibre crafts for Tribal women. Particularly this project was focused on women's Empowerment and sustainable income through wealth out of waste concepts. This Programme will be slowly promoted and expanded all over tripura with the support of Tripura Forest Department .


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

An women entrepreneur in Areca Leaf Plates Making Industry


Yes she is Shanthini...A successful Women Entrepreneur Areca Leaf Plates Making Industry.She provides employment to 10 Rural women in Her Unit 

Monday, February 7, 2022

Banana fibre crafts training for BJP Women wing in Valparai


Awareness Lecture on Eco Friendly projects

 A lecture on Eco friendly Project is Been Given to College students in Puttur,Mangalore,Karnataka.

Banana fibre mat weaving in Kerala

Shafeeq an entrepreneur from Kerala makes Banana fibre mat weaving for his lively hood. this particular Project gives him a Sustainable income even in this corona   pandemic

Banana fibre crafts making in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu

Training on Banana fibre crafts is been given to Rural Women in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu ,its a wealth out of waste concept and Rural Employment generation towards a sustainable Lively hood Activity