Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Training on Banana Fibre Crafts for Rural Women groups......

The Training on Banana fibre crafts was given for women Groups in and around coimbatore ,the eligible candidates was identified by women studies department ,Krishnammal college for women in Coimbatore.50 women were selected from various Self Help Groups and the training was given on
Extracting Banana fibre from the trunk of theBananaTree.Combing,Boiling,Colouring,Twisting,Thread Making,various types of Articles like Mats,coasters,floor mats,door mats ,bags making etc.This particular training Programme will be useful for the trainees who can earn money through making of Banana fibre crafts which has huge potential and demand in domestic and overseas markets.The Programme was done by Ecogreenunit & Krishnammal College for Women at Coimbatore.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Areca leaf plates training for unemployed youth in north eastern india........

Areca leaf plates training for unemployed youth in north eastern india was organized by Neitco[North Eastern industiral technical training institute]&Ecogreenunit at Guwahati in assam on oct 2010.The unemployed youth from all over north east [250 persons]participated.Areca leaves is an agrowaste which is shreaded from the areca nut trees converted as a value added products in south india.Due to North East its a New Project ,more over the raw materials are available in plenty due to vast area of areca nut plantations in entire North East.EcoGreenunit has taken an initiative to promote this particular project in entire North East.The training was given on identifying of raw material,Soaking and cleaning of the raw material,Technical Know-how,making of plates ,marketing the finished products etc.The Goverments of Assam,Manipur,Megalaya,Mizoram,Nagaland,Tripura,Arunachal Pradesh,Sikkim are intrested in implementing the areca leaf project by providing the self employment.Banks are intrested to give loans for such kind of ecofreindly projects in North East.EcoGreenUnit Team has finalized the discussions with the Governments to start the project in north east and its an on going programme .......

Sunday, October 10, 2010

focussed group discussion for banana fibre craft artisans

AHVY........ A Project was Sanctioned by O/o Development Commissioner Handi Crafts,Ministry Of Textiles,Govt Of India for Developing Artisan Cluster.The Base Line Survey & mobilization of artisans and forming them Self Help Groups was done and smaller group meetings and larger group meeting was done at coimbatore.550 artisans joined in AHVY Project.The Project will benifit the Artisans by upgrading their skills,motivation of Entrepreneurship Drive,Providing loans& welfare schemes.The project will be done for 7 years through Ecogreenunit with the sponsorship of 0/0 Development Commissioner Handi Crafts.Recently the focussed group meeting was done on 08.10.10

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Stall At Agri Intex 2010

Agri Intex 2010,A Mega Agricultural Trade Fair was Coducted by Coddissia&Tamil Nadu Agri Culture University &at coddissia Trade FairComplex ,Coimbatore on 30th sepember to 3rd october .1.50,000 people from all over india visited the fair.250 companies from all over india exbhited their products.We participated in this Mega Event and exposure was given for Areca leaf plates Making project,Banana fibre Extraction project ,Bee Keeping project.Mainly this time we have exbhited our new innovative machinery for making our Areca leaf cups.Farmers eagerly visited our stall and they are very intrested to go into this particular project,