Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creativity enhancement programme in Coconut Shell Crafts.

Yes...There was a training programme in Creativity Enhancement in Coconut Shell Crafts at our Hosur Unit.30women artisans participated in this Programme .O/o Development Commissioner ,Handicrafts,RTDC.Bengaluru sponsored this programme

Areca leaf Tea Cup and spoon making machinery at pudiya thalai murai agricutlural fair at coimbatore

Pudiya thalai murai a famous News Channel and a popular magazine in TamilNadu conducted a Agricultural fair at coimbatore from 7th to 9th feb 2014.We have put a stall for Agrobased projects especially in Banana fibre project/Areca leaf plates project/handicrafts project etc.Near about 20000people visited and gained the knowledge in above mentioned sector .We introduced Areca leaf Tea cup making machinery and Areca leaf spoon making machinery in this fair,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Training on Terra Cotta from 20th to 31st jan 14.Bengaluru...

The Training on Terracotta was given for women artisans with the sponsorship of Regional Technical Design Centre ,O/o.Development Commissioner.Handi Crafts,Ministry of Textiles ,Govt of India.30 women artisans were selected and given training in terracotta products

26th Kerela Science Congress 28-31 january wyanad ,Kerala...

26th Kerela Science Congress 28-31 january wayanad ,Kerala.and exhibited Banana fibre products....