Tuesday, June 6, 2023

training on Banana fibre crafts in Pollachi Rural inauguration on June 5th WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY

Training on Banana fibre Bark crafts for women groups in Chedimuthur village Pollachi. t.k. Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu.Near about 25 women will be trained in Banana fibre crafts and they will be supported by market Linkages. 

Banana Bark made products and mats from Bhavani


Yes its made out of Banana bark,which is an agro waste and the process is done by 175 weavers in and around Bhavani. T.K. Of Erode District in TN.This particular project is a lively hood activity for above mentioned people .Slowly the project will be expanded up to 500 weavers in that particular area were the Banana plantations are abundant. This  Particular wealth out of waste concept is a win win process for farmers,weavers and consumers which reduces the carbon foot prints.