Friday, October 31, 2008

paper carry bag project

                                  Our Newly invented Paper carry bag making machinery

What is Paper Carry Bag Project?
The carry Bags & Products such as scripling pads & stationary items are made out of paper instead of using plastics & polythene.
Why for paper carry bag project?
Due to Polythene and plastic pollution now a days the awareness of using Eco friendly products is been popularized among the people so this kind of projects are need of the hour, in this scenario we have started paper carry bag manufacturing project for the past 6 years ago.
How can paper carry bag manufacturing started?
The paper carry bag manufacturing process is an easy and simple method by using machinery
Machinery ….. ?
Yes, a simple machinery, pedal operated, which doesn’t needs the electricity power, easy to handle,can make any kind of bags,envolpes,covers with superior quality & low Investment
Whom can go for this project?
Self help groups, house wives, individuals can start this paper carry bag manufacturing project.

How many persons to operate the machinery?
Two persons. One is to operate the machinery the other person to paste the bags.
Training for paper carry bag manufacturing machinery will be given by our training experts.
Raw material:-
The papers for manufacturing carry bags will be provided by us and also easily available in the market.
Marketing :-
The marketing support and guidance will be given by our organization.

Banana fibre made bags

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Banana fibre extraction

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Friday, October 24, 2008


1. In India 4 lac hectors of areca crop has been cultivated. Near about 5,400 million areca leaves are sheded and treated as an agro waste.

2. One Areca leaf plate manufacturing unit. Needs 70,000 leaves per year. In this scenario near about 80,000 plates manufacturing units can be established all over India. 3 lac fresh employments can be given in 80,000 units. This Particular project can create “A Rural employment revolution” in India.

At present only 3,000 units are established all over India, in this 2,500 units are established by Eco Green unit for self help groups, small entrepreneurs and farmers in India.
Areca leaf plate manufacturing machinery

Due to plastic pollution and awareness of this kind of Eco friendly Bio degradable items there is a growing demand for leaf plates and cups in global level.
This particulars project has been developed before 9 years.
This project has been aimed as a community based development programme, income generating Activity, poverty alleviation programme.

The beneficiaries Are:-
1. Areca Nut farmers (An Extra Income through wasted leaves)
2. Leaf collection Labours.
3. Transporters
4. Entrepreneurs
5. Consumers
This “Wealth from waste concept” is a on going process by Eco Green Unit.
We promote self-Help Groups, Unemployed Youth, Entrepreneurs. By Training, Supply of Raw Material, Technical know-how. And buy back the finished products.

Eco plates (our brand Name Regd.)
1. Eco plates are healthy and hygienic
2. Alternative to plastics.
3. Can be used for serving food items in Parties, Functions, Hotels, Restaurants, and Buffets.
4. Healthy Hygienic and unique.
5. Biodegradable & Eco friendly.


Our Banana fibre yarn unit


What is Banana fibre project?
Banana fibre project is a process of extracting fibre from the Banana tree which is a waste material after harvesting the Banana.
Why for Banana fibre project?
Actually Banana is a gigantic herb, and a food fruit crop an ancient species cultivated all over the world. Next to Brazil India is the largest banana producer.

The fruit bunches and leaves are main source of Income, besides the leaves are used as bio plates for serving food in homes and functions. Banana fruit contains of multi vitamin and proteins, other portions of Banana plant are dumped as waste, and the fruit bunches (the upper side ‘U’ type stem) is also cutted and wasted. Farmers often face problems to clear it, Due to weather conditions such as floods, a heavy wind, the complete Banana trees falls down, and creates a heave loss and more over the price fluxations for Banana fruits. Due to these factors Banana farmers are suffered to such kind of difficulties.

So, apart from these all there is a solution. Which the Banana trees can be extracted and converted as a fibre, through simple Machinery. This process will be done only after harvesting the Banana.

How the process?
In India we have about 5 lakh hectares of Banana cultivation only 10% of the Banana waste is extracted as fibre. Mostly the fibre is extracted by manual process and the yield of fibre is very low and this kind of manual process needs skilled labours. After a brief study of Banana fibre extraction. Eco green unit developed a Banana fibre extracting Machine, Which can be easily operated, by an unskilled labour, and gives maximum output. The stems are cutted and divided into pieces, and inserted into the machine and extracted as fibre.

How the fibre is stored and packed?
After getting the fibre from the machinery, it should be beaten in the stone beds, and squeezed, and it should be combed without pith content and should be 100% dried and packed, by air tight Polythene Bags.
1. Machinery is developed by German technology, with 1 H.P. single phase motor.
2. Easy to Mobilize (Portable)
3. Ladies can operate, less maintenance, and safe to operate.
4. User friendly & Economic.
5. Clean work atmosphere.
6. Fifty times increase in fibre production compared to manual process.
7. Superior quality fibre in terms of length, softness and colour.

How many persons to operate the Machinery?
1. 2 Persons (Ladies)
2. One is to cut the trees into pieces and another person is to operate the machinery.

What is the space requirement needed?
15 x 10 special room is enough for one unit.
(Includes storing of Raw material and finished products)

Who can go for this Industry?
1. Banana cultivating farmers (Rs.2,500/- extra income per acre is assured)
2. Self help Groups
3. Entrepreneurs.
Is this project can be done in urban sectors?

Yes certainly, this project can be done in urban areas, the fruit bunches (‘U’ type stems) can be collected in vegetable markets, which is plenty and dumped as waste.

What are the usages of Banana fibre?
The banana fibre is extensively used as a blending material in textile industry.
2. Banana fibre is used in Pulp industry.
3. A wide range of Handicrafts are made in Banana fibre.

About Marketing?
1. A vast market is in the countries of U.S and Europe. Eco green unit has a marketing Tie-up with the entrepreneurs to those whom we have supplied the machinery. Our requirement is 3,200 tons per Annum. This can be done only by promoting this project country-wide mode.

We target this project as a community based development programme, rural upliftment and a wealth from waste concept.

We have a tie-up with state governments in India. The project promotion is done through Agricultural Department, Women Development, Rural Development Authorities, NGO’s, Farmers associations and with individuals.