Wednesday, April 14, 2010

banana fibre project launched in bihar with support of NABARD........

Training on banana fibre extraction for women groups in bihar

a banana growing area in river ganges bank in bihar

A sucessfull farmer cum entreprenur in banana fibre industry

Banana fibre project was launched in Bihar with the support of NABARD[National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development]the project will be implemented in banana growing areas in bihar.especially for women groups,farmers&entrepreuneurs


NDRAO said...

iwas impressed with this unit and iwant to start this ineed some more details about this project about working capital and area to be selcted and marketing techniques and market scope so can u pls send me the details.
thank u.

ezeecook said...

I would like to get trained banana fibre to go about it?

B.N.Tripathy said...

I want to learn about extraction of banana fibre and its use.And I want Detailed Project Report for BPL SSG Groups in rural areas.

keshav singh said...

I am banana cultivator i want to start making fiber please guide me how to get trained and other assistances.