Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Areca leaf plates making& Banana fibre extraction project at Tripura.........

Areca leaf plates making training for farmers in Tripura

Banana fibre extraction training for master trainers in Tripura

Bamboo furniture making training for tribal women groups

Bamboo furniture training for tribal women women groups

We have started Areca leaf plates making training& Banana fibre extraction training in Tripura with the joint venture of 'TRIBAC' an organization works for development in bamboo & cane sector in Tripura. which can improve the livelihood activities of the down trodden in Tripura


Imagine Tripura said...

Its nice to see the glimpses of TRIBAC. The photos which are uploaded in the blog are all very well descriptive. and thank you both GIREI and BABU for posting the photos of tribac activities. And of course let this banana fiber and are ca nut project make a great success.


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