Friday, January 25, 2013

Eco-Vastra...........Herbal Clothing

Eco-Vastra...........Herbal Fabrics was explained to the buyers from abroad who visited us on 24.01.13

visitors are impressed with Eco-Vastra

Mrs.Lora IAS,Secretary ,Tribal Affairs,Govt Of India,

Ms.Jerry from UK .

   We have displayed Eco-Vastra,Herbal Fabrics for the buyers who visited and to our coimbatore office,particularly the fabric is organic cotton.Herbal formulation and the dying was done by tribal people.

ECO- VASTRA is an ancient technique of dyeing textiles using medicinal herbs and plants,
ECO VASTRA fabrics are 100% organic,  and are made using cotton, wool, jute, coir, Lenin, hemp, bamboo extra,
ECO-VASTRA is based on the principle of touch, in contact with the body ,it releases the medicinal, the qualities into the skin and strengthens the skin ability to block and resist harmful substance thus it becomes the healthy fabrics.
ECO VASTRA FABRICS is dyed in a carefully controlled mixture of herbal dyes depending upon the shades or disease of diabetes.
Dyes for ECO-VASTRA Fabrics typically contain more than 20 specifically blended and carefully prepared medicinal herbs, plants,flowers,r oots and barks etc.
The temperatures of dyes   the duration and the number of the dye soaks,the blend of herbs ,and even the equipment used are carefully controlled and monitored while dyeing.

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